I’ll be out all weekend, but I’ve set up a couple of real treats for you guys while I’m gone. I’m going to be featuring art from a new-ish comic called First Time. The book is made up of ten short stories, all written by a French writer who calls herself Sibylline, and illustrated by fantastic European artists. Each story illustrates a sexual “first time” — from the literal first time, to the first encounter with a sex toy, or the first threesome. My copy’s in the mail, so I actually haven’t read it, but I have had my hands on scans from the original French printing. I can’t wait to have it the actual book in my hands, it looks gorgeous.

Now, I will say that the book is fairly heterocentric, and the only depictions of homosexuality represent two women together. I get that it’s not the usual fare that I post here on the blog, but it’s too beautiful not to share. If you have a problem with it, you probably need to expand your horizons.
The book can be ordered from the publisher, Eurotica

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