So, I’ve basically just had my productive afternoon hijacked by the discovery that Dan Savage has a Youtube Channel. Savage is, of course, the wildly popular sex advice columnist behind Savage Love and The Savage LoveCast, as well as the Editor of Seattle’s alt-weekly, The Stranger. His Youtube Channel currently houses roughly 45 videos, mostly of him answering questions at speaking events. If you’ve ever read Savage Love, you know that Savage is funny, frank, and incredibly smart.


I’ve been reading Savage Love for more than a decade. I credit Dan Savage for making me a better lover, a better partner, and a better man. When D. (aka Evan Disaster) and I started getting serious about our relationship, one of our favorite things to do was read each week’s Savage Love column when it came out. Reading and having discussions and arguments about other people’s sex lives made it that much easier for us to discuss our own. I can say with complete conviction that our relationship and our sex lives are better because of Dan Savage. Savage’s podcast is an essential part of my week now, as well.

Recently, we attended a screening of this year’s This American Life, Live! Savage was a contributor this year, and his story was incredibly touching, both sad and funny at the same time. The episode will run on the radio soon, and there’s an encore theatrical presentation on May 7th. If you have the opportunity, it’s an experience unlike any other.

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