François Sagat posted the trailer to a new film, Man at Bath, that he’s starring in.

Aside from my own mild fascination with Sagat, my main interest in the film is the film’s writer and director, Christophe Honoré. Honoré is one of my favorite filmmakers. His films are consistently complex character portraits that are always emotionally and sexually honest and challenging. His films include Dans Paris (In Paris), Ma Mère (My Mother), and my favorite, the musical Les Chansons d’Amour (Love Songs), and he also wrote the scripts for Après Lui (After Him) and Le Clan (3 Dancing Slaves), both directed by Gaël Morel. Honoré, Morel and André Téchiné make up a French filmmaker triumvirate of powerhouse storytellers who treat characters, relationships, and sexuality with the respect that they deserve and create stories with nuance rarely seen in American filmmaking.

It’ll probably be some time before Man at Bath is available in America, but I’ll be the first in line to see it when it is.

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